Oil blocking national standard DTM copper nose

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Oil blocking national standard DTM copper nose

ntroduction to DTM Copper Nose:

1. DTM copper nose refers to a copper nose produced and processed in accordance with national industry standards, with fully sealed, oil blocked, and sized copper wiring terminals that meet the requirements of national standards!

Produced in accordance with the technical requirements of crimped copper and aluminum terminal blocks and connecting tubes for power cable conductors in GB/T14315.

2. Material: DTM oil blocking copper nose is made of T3 copper rod, and terminal copper material for 1kV and above shall not be lower than the T3 grade specified in GB/T5231 standard

3. Surface requirements: Before surface treatment, semi-finished products with copper wire lugs of 1kV and above should be annealed, and the hardness HB after annealing should not exceed 62. The inner and outer surfaces of copper wire terminal products should be smooth and smooth, without burrs, cracks, sharp edges, or folds; The terminal board should be flat.

The surface of copper terminals can be pickled or tinned, and the coating should be uniform, with consistent color and no peeling. There should be no sharp corners or curled edges at the mouth of the crimped circular pipe.

4. Physical product images: